Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Anyone else’s Dad tell them all they want for Father’s Day is peace & quiet, or just mine? Not the most helpful of gift hints and even harder to give, especially coming from a family of seven (and yes, we include the dog). So here is my gift guide for the man who has everything and more. This will include my top Born & Bred picks along with a few other special mentions.

1) Ulster Fry Box, £21.90 (on sale wow) SHOP HERE

First up it has to be the Ulster Fry Box. Perfect for that Sunday morning fry up, a perfect meal to start of Father’s Day. This box features bake your own soda bread (so easy to make just add water), Bacon Ketchup, Ulster Brew Tea and a wee Ulster Says Yeooo mug. The perfect gift box to start Father’s Day right.


2) Causeway Egg Cup Set , £26 SHOP HERE

A perfect eggition (see what I did there) to any morning must be our Causeway Egg Cups by Cowfield Designs.Can you imagine a better way to have a boiled egg? Perfect for the dad that loves an eggy breakie.


3) Build your own food box, SHOP HERE

Why not make up your own food box? Born and Bred have an amazing range of local foods, some of my personal favourites have to be our Irish Black Butter, Islander Tapenade, Melting Pot Fudge and our Nightingale Raw Honey (from bees just across the road from us at the top of the Victoria Square shopping centre). If your shopping online just add a wee note that you would like this in a gift box or call in store and ask at the till. A great wee gift for dad.


3) Flat Caps, From £49.99 SHOP HERE

Our range of John Hanly Flat Caps are perfect for any Peaky Blinders fans…the only question is, can your da pull it off…. There is an amazing range of colours and styles so I am sure you will find one they will love. They are made pure 100% wool just down in Co. Tipperary and are so soft and the finest quality.

4) Suckin Diesel Jerry Can Hip flask, £16.90 SHOP HERE

This wee cheeky Hip flask is perfect for any da that loves Line of Duty. You can even get a mini funnel so he doesn't spill a drop of the good stuff. Why not pair with some of his favourite whiskey or even my dads favourite...pink gin. 


5) Bath Blokes Soaps by Bathe Botanicals, £7 SHOP HERE

Now you might be thinking soap? Thats a very boring gift. Well not when its Bath Bloke soap. They have incredible scents like Sea Salt and Sandalwood, or Tobacco and Oak, which will have dad smelling just lovely and give him that much needed self care. 

6) The Wee Candle Collection, £9.90 SHOP HERE

Now this is one of our newest products which has very quickly made it to my favourites list. I don't believe my dad particularly cares for candles but my partner Rueben loves them. Now, he has been a really excellent cat dad to our two fur babies and they have asked me to get him a candle from each of them for Sunday to show their love. The two I have picked for him would have to be the Wee Irish Coffee & Wee Turf Fire Candle as these are both his favourite things.


Special Mentions

1) Mike's Fancy Cheese Hamper SHOP HERE

Now you can't go round with a cheese hamper especially if it's from Mike's Fancy Cheese. If you have never been here you are definitely missing out. This shop is one of Belfast's best hidden gems for all you cheese lovers. Why not nip in and get your da a wee hamper and try some cheese yourself (just to make sure its safe).

2) Taste and Tour Belfast SHOP HERE

This is another of Belfast's bests! The guys at Taste and Tour surely know their stuff and will guide you on a walking tour round Belfast showing you all the best food and drink. They have a range of tours on offer including brunch, wine and beer. But my personal favourites have to be the Belfast Food Tour and their City Cocktail Circuit. Even if you think you know the best spots in Belfast I can guarantee these guys will add some more to your list. 
They even offer vouchers if you are not sure what tour you dad would like, or when they can go. 


3) The Dog Father Hoodie by Murphy & Bailey, SHOP HERE

Gracie is my family dog and my parents both spoil her like the rest of their human children. Before getting Gracie, my dad said if they got a dog it had to be an outside dog…well that lasted only a few hours and most days I can find Gracie sleeping in their bed. So, I think I found the prefer gift from Gracie to Dad to show how much she really loves him. 
My dad is a massive fan of The GodFather, so this hoodie is the perfect gifts. Murphy and Bailey are a local dog boutique in East Belfast specialising in gifts for pets and their humans too. Murphy and Bailey are the names of the owners’ dogs and you can really see how they have carefully picked the best of the best for their boutique.


- Dearbhail x

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