Our vision

To create a playful gifting experience that reminds you of what it's like to be Irish, whilst highlighting the best of Irish talent through a carefully curated and culturally relevant showcase.

We're actually class.

Playful Professionals

We're not saving lives but we are here to create a unique Born and Bred experience with everyone that interacts with us.

We do this by exuding warmth and friendliness but thus is backed up with dependable delivery, knowledge staff and the best creative talent Ireland has to offer.

Sustainable Growth

When we talk about sustainability, we don't just mean being planet positive. We want to grow our business and our brand in a way that works for us, our suppliers and our customers.

We want Born and Bred to grow as one team which means we're here for a long time and can tackle any challenges thrown at us along the way. We know our business will change over the years but we're ready and adaptable for when that time comes.

Better Together

We want our customers, staff and artists to become united in their desire for better gifts. To come together and have a shared experience of hat it means to be from this little island.

This business is built on community and will continue to have this as our heart beat no matter what size or scale we achieve.

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